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Found 7 results

  1. Ok so this can be a guide for those looking at starting out for YouTube, and also a point for me to check to see what everyone else is using. I have been researching a few microphones to use for recording and have compiled a list of some microphones that are recommended by various people. I would also like to know what other people are using at the moment, whether it be headset mic (as I am using atm) or external USB... for instance I tried the Samson Meteor - but found it was picking up too much ambient noise. So here are the ones that I have looked at, and I am looking at probably purchasing the Blue Yeti, but let me know what you have, what you think and what you have experienced so we can all share everyone's knowledge. 1. Samson Go Mic - Cheap, small, easy to travel with 2. Blue Snowball - sound quality is apparently ok 3. Audio-Technica ATR2100 4. Audio-Technica AT2020 - is apparently pretty good, but really requires mounting arm 5. Blue Yeti Note: I have actually ended up just ordering the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Pack Complete (Amazon Link) so we shall see how this goes..once I recieve it and test it I will review it for you all here.
  2. Well finally it's here... The introduction at least! At what a journey it was - sigh... Anywhoooo... I present to you the Duckzorly Introduction video... [media] [/media]
  3. "Don't Feed The Trolls". Everyone has heard that phrase before. It is a undeniable if unpleasant fact that there are people who delight in disliking,trolling and occasionally bullying YouTube creators and Live streamers. This is what I like to call "the dark side of YouTube" It is a topic that no one who does "how to" videos about YouTube ever talks about. Having been a content creator for nearly four years, I thought I would give you some of my thoughts on this subject. Dislikes I never understood this particular "ranking" mechanic on YouTube, If you don't like a video don't watch it. It makes not one bit of difference to me if you don't like my videos, I make them firstly for me and for fun. Having said that, I do try to make videos people enjoy, but that is not my sole motivation. Instead of a dislike, I would rather see a comment telling me what it is you disliked. I may listen I may not, but at least you made the effort to tell me what you didn't like. At the end of the day a "like" and a "dislike" are the same thing, a view on the video. Thanks for watching. Trolls It is an unpleasant fact of life on the internet that there are people who derive pleasure from insulting and degrading your work. They have their own motivations, whether it be ignorance, jealousy, insecurity or just the fact that they think they are funny, clever and cool. I don't do well with trolls. I violate the "don't feed the trolls" suggestion constantly and nothing will send me off on a venom filled foul mouthed rant quicker than some idiot who thinks it's cool to tear down my work. I don't mind being called an idiot, in fact most of my channel is built around that very premise, but it is entirely a different matter to be vulgar and insulting. Woe to those who insult my friends as that is something I will NEVER stand for. Go get a life and find something else that makes you feel cool might I suggest jumping off a tall building while saying to your friends, "Hey look at me".... ;) Bullying This is the serious one. Threats, Racism, Sexism, ethnic slurs. Unfortunately , these are all a part of internet life. Thankfully YouTube and Twitch have very good filters that catch most of this stuff and I don't have to deal with it. There should be no tolerance for that sort of ignorance. None. Well BP you make YouTube sound SO Fun.... It isn't all bad. It isn't even half bad. The great and supportive people FAR outweigh the ignorant on YouTube. People who will give you constructive feedback and suggestions on improvements because they believe that you are worth watching and they want to help you get better are far more common than the idiots. YouTube and Twitch are great platforms to share your passion about games and gaming with people who share that passion and a great place to make new friends and build a community. I only mention the bad stuff to make you aware that it is out there and that if you are overly sensitive content creation may not be for you. It's not fun to work hard on something, give it your best and than see it torn down by idiots. This is something that occasionally you will have to deal with. Don't let it get to you, don't let it dissuade you from sharing your passions. The good still outweighs the bad and remember "Don't Feed The Trolls"
  4. Wonko

    New Channel Listings Page

    This applies to all Youtubers, Twitchers and Mixers who have their channels listed on the forum, we have a new listings page to better display your channels and make it easier to find channels. You just put in your details in the forms including your channel link, you still can promote your channel through the forums as well with updates and news, this will be linked to your listing on the channels page. Looking forward to seeing all of you listed on the channels page, I have set @mereman up already to show everyone what they look like. Channels added will get a twitter card created and posted on twitter automatically as a bonus.
  5. Gday All, Well, most of you should by now know that the reason behind Duckzorly Gaming coming into being, is based on the premise that I planned on becoming a YouTube content producer. In this article, I will explain my thought processes, and experiences in getting ready to Tube.. A little back history on YouTube First Firstly why and where did this phenomenon of YouTube creation come from? YouTube was created back in 2005, yes it is only just over 10 years ago in California, USA. Its growth exploded with over 100 million video views per day in 2006, pretty quick growth by all accounts! Google obviously sought to leverage off this platform and purchased it in 2006, and it continued to grow including globalisation in 2007 and this assisted in its growth to where it is today. Why become a YouTuber? What exactly is the draw of becoming a YouTube content provider, or otherwise being known as YouTuber? I am not sure you can pin any one main reason, particularly in respect to gaming YouTubers. Of course, those running a Business and using YouTube for mass marketing, information output and the like makes sense. With YouTube having a monetization feature, whereby the content provider can by simply turning it on can start to receive monetary income from Google selling advertising space/time to companies which will be seen on this content (I believe generally limited to small ads at beginning of videos – I could be mistaken!). So perhaps some do it to try and make some extra money, or a whole lot, depending on the success of their channel content! Or they may just like to share their experiences while doing something they enjoy (eg. gaming). Personally, I believe you can tell the difference between those doing it to make money as opposed to those who do it for the joy of doing so but get the benefit of making money along the way. Basically, once you do become successful (more on this later) then the monetisation option is quite common sense to support what may go from being a hobby to a full-time job. For me, why am I going to do it? Well – honestly I am not sure. Is it a whim? Hmm maybe? Whilst I never will be a pro gamer in any way, I do often feel that I may provide a different slant on any aspect of conversation/topic etc that I am involved with. Will I end up being that funny guy on the interwebs? Again, no idea, I certainly will try and entertain – well let’s face it if it’s not entertaining it won’t last anyways. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and I think this may be where I am at. Having been drawn into FS17 pretty much primarily from Eustace and Grizzly with their videos, and then joining them in the 3Dudes Gaming Network and at PC-SG, I think my decision is more based on the thought of having some fun recording my gameplay and sharing these experiences with like-minded individuals. The flow on from this, being the interaction and social influx that can be gained. Read More here.... This Blog article originally posted on Duckzorlygaming.org
  6. Hi everyone i have a youtube channel called behind the hedge gaming where you can find 100+ videos on farming simulator, i upload everyday i also work full time on a dairy farm where i milk 500 Holstein Friesian's three times a day every day 7 days a week. Check it out my channel, if you like what you see please subscribe My Channel ...... http://goo.gl/cfQrtA My Latest video ..... [media] [/media] If you would like to know more about me click the link and at the bottom of the page you will find a Schedule + about myself link ....... http://goo.gl/q9RGIP Thank you for reading, Happy farming everyone
  7. Jim Estep ( Scoops )

    Our Group's Youtube Page

    Greetings everyone...or as we say here in Ohio....HI Ya'all !!! This is just to let you know, that this awesome community, now has their own YouTube page !!!!! yay us !!!! I set it up...but, I don't think I should be the only person to upload here. So, that being said...if you would like a video uploaded...and you still have it saved to your HD...please , go ahead and up load it. You will need permission to do it, and that would be to send me an email, so I can add your email to the permissions list. If you already have a video, but would rather I do it, and be prepared sometimes for a short wait until it happens. This summer, wasn't supposed to be busy, but I just found out, my Disaster Response Team with the American Red Cross, is working with the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. There will be alot of driving and getting things ready for this. As, I am only able to drive ( mobility issues ) they will probably call on me to move things to the staging area....but...that will cut into my time to upload...and that is why I need your help! Some of the things I would like ( I don't think I have the authority to make rules) to see Every upload by a person, has to be done so to their own playlist...very easy to do Every video must have the PC-SG overlay, with a link in the description , if you need to know how to make an overlay...here.....[media] [/media] If you need the overlay, it is available on this site !!! If you want help to upload from YT...there is a way to do this...atube catcher, can help If I do it...I want permission to do so, this way no one from YT can say we are stealing videos. Thanks everyone !!! Let's have fun with this. No matter what the sim game is FS15...ATS, ETS2, or even wreckfest.....let's post the vids here too, and grow out community! Oh BTW... www.youtube.com/channel/UC6lWsKofx7HwV4uaZuHrI4w
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